Google Analytics Bad Referrals – Part II

Earlier I posted about unscrupulous companies who send people to your website unknowingly, and this distorts your Google Analytics visitor data. So you can’t tell how many “real” visitors you are getting, where they are coming from, etc.; and without this accurate data, you don’t know what needs improving.

There is another category of bad referrals that my Part I instructions will not fix. To get rid of these other bad referrals, you need to create a Google Analytics “filter”. It’s not hard to do, but if you have someone who maintains your website and monitors your Google Analytics data, you should have them add this filter.


by Joe Seidler

1 thought on “Google Analytics Bad Referrals – Part II

  1. Hoorah! It looks like Google finally solved the “referral spam” problem. Starting around March 1, 2016, these bogus referral numbers should no longer show up. If your website was getting a lot of them, it may appear your visitor volume has decreased, but actually you are now just seeing the accurate numbers (not the artificially inflated numbers).

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