Internet Marketing FAQ


Who makes the SEO changes to the website?
My first task is to understand the goals for your website and establish the high priority keywords. Then I create a detailed list of SEO recommendations that whoever maintains your website can follow. If you have a WordPress site, I can make the updates if desired.

How long does it take to complete the SEO recommendations?
About 2 weeks.

What results should I expect from SEO?
That depends on so many factors that there is no general answer. However, I can give rough estimates of the search ranking improvements expected before you consider my proposal.

How much does SEO cost?
A preliminary SEO evaluation is $300. If the results warrant pursuing a full SEO project, it costs approximately $1,000-$1,500 based on your website and needs. This includes a follow-up review after 1-2 months. There are no ongoing (monthly) fees.


How long does it take to get Google Ads (AdWords) up and running?
About 2-3 weeks. I will have a number of questions for you about your business goals for Google Ads (AdWords).

How much do Google Ads (AdWords) cost?
My fee to learn about your business, create the Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns, review the ad text with you, establish a budget and “go live” is about $1,500-$1,800 including one month of monitoring and optimizing. The monthly cost to Google for the clicks you receive on your ads depends completely on you; the more visitors you want, the more you will spend. I recommend that you consider a minimum of $500/month, but if Google Ads generates very profitable leads, you may want to budget more.


What if I don’t already have a Google My Business account and listing?
No problem. I can help you create it, or even create it for you.

How much does Google My Business cost?
There is no cost to Google. My fee is about $300 to create your Google My Business account and listing.


What if I need a new or redesigned website?
I can recommend very experienced people who specialize in creating and maintaining websites for small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work closely with these people to supply the SEO recommendations. Their fees are low, just like mine.

Why is Google Analytics so important?
Google Analytics is another free tool available from Google. It allows tracking all visits to your website so we can monitor how many visitors you receive, where they are coming from, what brings them (which keywords they searched for), and very importantly the trends for these data. It is the only way to measure the effectiveness of the SEO changes.