Internet Marketing FAQ


How long does it take to get Google Ads up and running?
About 2-3 weeks. I will have a number of questions for you about your business goals for Google Ads.

How much do Google Ads cost?
My fee to learn about your business, create the Google Ads campaigns, review the ad text with you, establish a budget and “go live” is about $1,500 including one month of monitoring and optimizing. The monthly cost to Google for the clicks you receive on your ads depends completely on you; the more visitors you want, the more you will spend. I recommend that you consider a minimum of $500/month, but if Google Ads generates very profitable leads, you may want to budget more.


What if I don’t already have a Google My Business account and listing?
No problem. I can help you create it, or even create it for you.

How much does Google My Business cost?
There is no cost to Google. My fee is about $300 to create your Google My Business account and listing.