Google Ads Testimonials

“We worked with Joe in two capacities. First he was a client; we handled the fulfillment of his sports history book. We found him to be very pleasant, and easy to work with. After we finished the fulfillment project, we hired Joe to handle  SEO for our website, as well as our Google ads campaign. Working on Google Ads, he started by cleaning up our ads as well as eliminating many generic keywords that didn’t bring us any good leads. Now our ads are more focused and targeted to our clients. He saved the company thousands of dollars on ads that didn’t bring us any business. Overall we found Joe as a client and as a vendor to be very professional, easy going, honest and very pleasant to work with.”
George Demienne, Founder/CEO
Silicon Valley Direct, Inc.
Dec. 2021


“Joe has taken our company from a tiny startup to a very sustainable growing company in two years with a skillful design and application of Google Ads including useful monthly reports that allowed us to compare our Campaigns and learn the seasonable nature of our business. A super guy to work with!!”
Morgan Muir, Partner
August 2019


“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your help with Google Ads. I’m not very tech savvy and didn’t have the time to figure out through trial and error how AdWords works. My main concern was to get it up and running effectively in as little time as possible. I was a little skeptical at first but you didn’t ask to be paid for the entire program up front so I thought I’d see how committed you were. From the start I knew you were really working on it because you were in constant contact with questions and ideas about how to implement the program. Even after you were paid in full you continued to help improve our process of handling leads which is above and beyond the call of duty. The bottom line is we are getting good results which more than pays the cost of your service and the AdWords campaign. It was quick, easy, painless and effective. We will be using your service for a different business in the very near future. Thanks again for everything.”
Preschool Owner
San Ramon, CA
Feb. 2018

“Having worked with Joe Seidler for several months, I can highly recommend his services. Joe’s follow-up and attention to detail–even above and beyond our initial project contract–has been phenomenal. He clearly knows what he’s doing and cares about the results for my business. Having implemented Joe’s suggestions, I’ve gone from 12th place to 1st place in the search rankings in my primary category, which is exactly where I want to be.  Use Joe: you won’t be sorry.”
Retirement and Investment Planning Specialist
Denver, CO
Jan. 2018

“We wanted to expand our small specialty manufacturing company from a regional player to a national player. Joe developed a Google Ads program that took our national leads from zero to over 50 per month which has us expanding as fast as we can. Joe is a great communicator, very pleasant to work with and a real pro. We now have him on retainer for his sage advice.”
Ecowarm Radiant Heating
Nov. 2017

“Joe is a pleasure to work with. He helped set up all of our Google Ads campaigns, and helped create landing pages that increased our click-through rate and conversion rate. Best of all, he is very patient, responsible and hard working. He took the time to explain everything to us, which was helpful since I was a novice when it came to Google Ads. He wastes no time, and had our Google Ads campaign up and running in just a matter of a few days.”
Eyewear Manufacturer
San Francisco Bay Area
June 2015

“Thank you so very much. Working with you earlier today was thoroughly enjoyable, refreshing, and a sheer delight. You are incredibly bright, analytical, organized, transparent, direct, and a great teacher! So glad I found you to work with! Thanks again!”
Portland, OR
March 2015

“Joe brings all that is highly desirable to his clients: competency, professionalism, congeniality and follow through. He intelligently led us to critical improvements and throughout he was a pleasure to work with. My advice to anyone considering Joe is “hire him, right now”.”
CareerFuel CEO
Nov. 2014

“Joe explains things clearly, and gave me specific and relevant information in bite-sized pieces. I had tried to figure out Google Ads in the past and had given up, but Joe walked me through setting up campaigns, which I now have running and I understand – and even enjoy – tweaking. I saw more client requests almost immediately. Just this past Friday, as an example, I got five requests and so far 4 of the 5 want to move forward. I need to get used to this new flow of clients.”
Italy Beyond The Obvious Travel Planning
SF Bay Area
Feb. 2014
“Jason’s Music Center hired Seidler Internet Marketing to create a Google Ads campaign and monitor its effectiveness. Working with Joe was a real pleasure. We explained to Joe that we were “Google Ads illiterate”. He took a great deal of time to explain the program, showing great patience and a real desire to have us make informed decisions. The campaign has been an overwhelming success. We couldn’t be more pleased!”
January 2013
“When we terminated our over-priced PPC campaign partner, we saw an opportunity to take over our campaign at the executive level. However, we needed guidance to help our PPC campaigns remain strong with less manpower to drive them. We found Joe easily (a testament to his own skills) and he was just as easy to work with. Joe is pleasant, caring, supportive and knowledgable. He came in quickly, helped us organize the PPC mess our consultants left for us and gave us the tools to take the campaign on ourselves. He also provided value in helping our SEO strategy mesh with a re-branding during an uncomfortable time. Thanks Joe!”
Music Production School
San Francisco
June 2011